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Free meal from UNICEF

United Nation has been doing its utmost in order to maintain peace in the world and in this week, our class was about the function of UN. This impressive lecture was delivered by our respected lecturer Dr. Faousy.  As everyone knows that UN is the most powerful and one of the largest international organizations, which was established in 1945 after second war world. Presently, United Nations comprises of 194 independent nations in the globe and it has numerous branches to achieve its missions.  The role of UN in developing nations and resolving difficulties such as economic development, social progress, human rights, civil liberties and so on.

A question was asked to the students, till what extend UN has succeeded to bring peace in our country? Students had different opinions. However, in my point of view, UN has failed many times to keep, maintain and establish peace in countries around the world. I believe only by organizing peace keeping mission in countries which have civil war, it is not possible to bring peace in other countries. They have to take immediate steps in many sectors which they have failed to do and are still failing themselves. For example, in 1971 during the war between East Pakistan and West Pakistan, US and Russia started to show off power on a claim to help the countries separately. That time, UN did not stop them from not showing power and did not interrupt even to do anything for the oppressed people in East Pakistan. In 2004, there were series bombing throughout the Bangladesh by religious extremist and terrorist groups. Instead of helping UN was blaming the country for keeping and providing shelter to these groups. However, yes, while in 2009-2010, Bangladesh, India and Myanmar was having conflicts among them with the crosswater-border issue, UN interrupted and passed a bill in the senate, which established peace in this region.

However, the class was going on and suddenly one point drags my attention which was about United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). When I was in primary school in 2002, we used to have free meal from UNICEF in the school as our school period was from 9am to 4pm. This make me think that many people claim that UN is not doing its job which might be partially true, but UN is providing many facilities to the disadvantaged poor people in different part of the world. This is a great contribution to the international community.

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