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Every child has a right to see this world

Human being is the best creations among all creatures in this world. That’s why we got six senses. Mankind can make decision what is right and wrong. But, sometimes decision of human being is worse. One of that worst decision is abortion.

Abortion means killing a baby when he/she was in mother’s worm. Some of them the killing their kid because of poverty. If mother give birth to child one family member will increase. Father or mother have to survive the child. The need to feed them. If they can’t feed them, they try to kill the baby.

Most of the abortion happens because of illegal relationship. Before they marry they are making relationship and get pregnant. Then the child become unwanted for mother or their family. Most of them doing abortion in improper way. That makes problem to mother also. Sometimes it causes death also.

In my point of view abortion is illegal and an unethical according to law and religion. Islam strongly disagree with abortion. The holy Quran says “Don’t kill your child because of poverty, we sustain you and them”. According to law; a mother can do abortion only if she has illness or problem in giving birth to a child. Unless the government not allow to do.

Every child has a right to see this world. Give that right to ethical way.

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