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Ethics Reflective Diary – Week 3 – by Sariahvn

My reflective diary will be discussed about what I gain from lectures and tutorial classes which give me understandings about ethical perspective in both my study and my life. What I master of this subject is that ethics is an art and a science of moral philosophy behaviors, it means the judgment whether something happing rightly or wrongly, or that thing is good or bad. Ethics has serious consequences of harming or rewarding on human well beings and the environment around them. In my opinion, ethics is a philosophy term which may not get any full detailed idea on its concept but it is understood basing on a general knowledge about morality. This is my first reflective diary on ethics subject, I would like to share what I got from the lecturers’ explanation in classes combined with what I understand the matters in my points of view. Sincerely, I did not get lots of idea about the lesson in term of ethical issues but what I understand is more in tutorial class which my respective lecturer provided me quiet much of information on mastering the subject. This week I learned about Hippocratic Oath and I enjoyed a play of a dialogue from two lecturers who was in character of Callicles and Socrates in the official class on Tuesday. It was all about the engagement between something and its opposite side as Socrates’ statement that there be anything which a man has and not has at the same time, clearly cannot be good and evil, like health and disease and also he stated that all wants and desires are painful, its means when we feel painful whenever are hungry and thirsty but when eating and drinking come they make us pleasant not painful any more since we are full at that time. Furthermore, I was explained about ethics from the Hippocratic Oath story that people swear to practice medicine ethically and honestly. However in real life that the swear never comes true as they stated. That is an ethical issue nowadays in medical aspect in many countries from the world. Besides that, I participated in tutorial class which the lecturer gave me a general idea about problem of ethics as well as he did recall the knowledge of last week lesson. At the end of the classes I and my classmates had I discussion on topic “lieing is better than killing”. We were talking about it from our viewpoints. Some of us agree and some others disagree with the issue given. Whereas some rest ones said that it depend on the situation that in which one we should lie and which one we should kill people. This topic seems so argumentative and interesting to me and to everyone. Yes, in my point, I do not believe that lieing is better than killing or versus but they are all harm and considerable depend on the problem. People all believe that lieing is bad and killing even worse. However, in some condition we may lie to if it does not damage anyone but it brings a good thing for life it should be consider. Not every lie is bad and artificial and lieing sometimes has more serious consequences to humans’ life. Looking back the topic, killing people is wrong but to those people who killed and being killed such as those people who are actual human beings but they made rape or crime death is fair for them yet not to those people who died because of innocence. Anyway, this topic needs to be discussed more and it is debatable since every person looks at life with their own perspectives and no one is same with one another. However, I enjoyed the classes very much and I hope my reflective diary to include my understandings that covered in classes and I would like to hear comments from my respective lecture so that I can improve my study better.

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