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Ethics Reflection (Week one and three) Is lying is less ethical than killing? – By Dolma Lama

The word Ethics is one of the common and important word that we have been murmuring in our lips daily. Directly or indirectly we are much more bounded by ethics that make us unique and different from one another. Ethic is a philosophical study of morality by making moral judgement with different tools of reason like comprehensiveness, coherence, consistent and adequate. We can also say that ethics is a theory or a system of moral values carried by all human beings. The role of ethics in our society is very necessary because it has a large influence on today, as well as the future. It is really need to learn about moral ethics because they guide our decisions, make us who we are, and determine our future.

Eventually, we may not notice but we learn ethics in our daily life as children, we were taught by our parents that it is wrong to lie, cheat, and steal; In school we learn ethics to interact with our teachers; So, to learn good ethics and to implement such moral judgement in real life is our responsibility. There are some process and strategies to carry moral judgement and to fulfil responsibility in our life; probably we may not know the way that is why we are studying ethics as an important subject in our academic course. Here what I mean to say is that we know the meaning and important of ethics in our life but if we are able to implement and follow the process and strategies of ethics effectively and efficiently then life would be much more meaningful and tasteful.

Today’s society is full of crime, irresponsibility, and dishonesty but imagine if the entire population had no sense of ethics that would definitely leads our society bad to worst. However, based on my learning in week one and week two class I can assured that ethics is the key or moral judgement that involved in all activities and situation around us whether it can be political, lawful, religious, or social. In the same way, we had a short panel discussion in our class where we need to discuss about an ethical issue. With that our topic was lying is less ethical than killing? All my colleagues had put off their views most of their answer was it depends on situation but some were strongly against that killing is less ethical then lying. In my opinion, lying is less ethical than killing because to take someone’s life just for one lie is completely sin and totally against the value of humanity. Eventually, lie can be used in both positive and negative way that can produce bright result but if someone is being killed then it is impossible to give his/her life that may convey heavy suffering to his/ her family. For an example if one member in your family had passed away due to some reason but you are in abroad in the way any other businesses. In such situation your family will not inform you about this sad news because they know that such news may heart you that can make you more weakness. So here people lie to save another life. However, some time people lie that may cause negative affects to another person that creates huge problem in the society but directly killing those culprits is not the solution of any problems. We can manipulate some other alternatives to solve these problems without any violence. For an example culprits can be strongly punished rather than killing because he/she can get change to improve his/her mistakes that they have done in their life.

To add on this not killing culprit does not mean that we are totally against towards victims rather it is the matter of solving any problems peacefully without any violence to both parties in the society and community. The ultimate source of happiness is our mental attitude (Dalai Lama) it means if you are able to use your mind in positive way of course its consequences will be positive and vice versa. Overall, I would like to say we all human beings make mistakes directly or indirectly but in order to solve these problems we need to find the positive and peaceful way rather than killing and creating more sufferings to others in the way of individual satisfaction. As being the civilized, it is our important responsibility that we must seek happiness with justice because happiness generated from injustice is temporary guest of our life which disappears in a flip truth. At last I strong believe that violence like killing, power and money can never solve our problems rather it hearts other beings around us. Therefore, the role of ethics in our society is very important because it is the basic beliefs and standards that make everything run smoothly.


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