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Ethics is all about moral judgement – by mohomath imthath

I had a great chance of learning about some ethical issues in the Introduction to ethics class. Although I felt that it was confusing during lecture, I managed to catchup about the history of Socrates and Hippocratic oaths while doing the revision. I got some ideas about “consultation” and especially about “brain for hire”. Now I could justify that “brain for hire” plays the major role in courts nowadays. Lawyers are fighting for injustice issues more willingly than for issues which need fair justice. Nowadays Injustice and violation of ethics are becoming as the major issues. Rulers in the government misuse so a huge lump of money and other properties in the country which are supposed to be given to the ordinary people in the country. Not only the government also that the people who are involved in construction, health care, education, and welfare also misusing their power. Most of the time injustice is rewarded by the society and government. Most of the people are trying to get happiness from injustice; by using their power, disobeying the rules and so on. But the people think they will be unhappy if they follow or regulate the justice. For an example driver they don’t wish to follow the road rules and regulations. If the police catch them, they will try to escape by using their power, influence, or money. Normally I had experienced with three wheel drivers in my country so many times. It’s not only happening in the road, but it is happening labors to strategic management. It has become a routine in day to day life of human being. When our actions lead to a serious consequence, we must identify all the factors which are related to the issue. The factors must be taken into consideration completely. We must try to maintain a consistently high standard and our information should be enough for our need. I hope I have got a clear picture about Ethics .It is the art and science of judging moral behaviors (good and bad, right and wrong) which has serious consequences for human wellbeing (harming or rewarding) to their society and environment. Harming a human being does not mean that it only effects that person, it also harm the society and the environment where he belongs to.

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