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Ethics and values back home country

Introduction to ethic is one of course which implement at AiU for student whose taking undergraduate as a university subject. There are seven lecturers who Instructors  for this course : Siti Noor Fauziah Abd Rahim , John BrittoParisutham , Muhammad Al Aidarous, Prof Evangelos Afendras , Dr Ahamad Faosiy Ogunbado , AP Hamid R. Nedjat , Vinothini Vasodavan. At the first lecture the course was introduced by Prof Evangelos Afendras and the rest of instructors were there to give their opinion about what the ethic is, why we learn it and how to apply it in daily life.

Sometimes, I cannot understand the real meaning of ethic and because ethic is related to human behavior. It might change sometime when a situation comes. In my view, after attending the lecture, I understand that ethic is how the human being where the discipline dealing with what is good and bad, right and wrong that a person should know and behave.  In real life today, many people know the value of society and their behavior but they still do something bad to others that are why many crimes happen every day. This happens due to the ambition and self-greedy.

After sharing view on ethic and examples, the lecturers gave articles and put a group discussion on ethic and value in a dilemma situation. Another interesting moment was the presentation of each group on their given articles. So through it, I have seen that the ethic and value might lose when people face the difficult situation such as natural disaster, social development and so on. In my opinion, a real ethic and values might lose when the difficult situation comes.

In week 3, the lecture was on the concept of ethics in different cultures. The lecturers also shared with us the ethics and values in Islam and other religions. It was quite interesting session that students shared ideas and view on religious and culture perspectives. At the end of session, there were five questions that I have to share in my paper on the ethics and values back home country. Although, some questions were critical, it was quite good to share my own personal view and ideas on the paper. That was so interesting to learn from the lecture on that day.

In my opinion, I think it is a good time to share more ideas and comment in the class to enhance the learning process during tutorial session. So I do hope with tutorial session helps me to learn and share more information with my lecturer and classmates.

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