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Ethics- a contextual value

Attitude is the mirror of a person. It reflects a particular person believes and helps us to understand about that person. However, we often misunderstand about that person as we judge their attitude according to our framework which might be totally different from that person’s ethical framework. Mr. Jaemy, our lecturer, shared an interesting experience how he misunderstood a student. That particular student was talking to him in a louder and tougher voice because according to his culture a man should speak louder but our lecturer misunderstood him as in his culture a man should talk to his elder in a soft voice. This is how values differ from culture to culture. So the great lesson that I learned was not to judge people without thinking their background.

After this I got a new knowledge on five different kinds of ethical frameworks. Our ethical values are shaped by our cultural or social belief and this kind of values are known as Relativist ethics. Under this framework people emphasize on current norms. If people are more concerned on the result then it is Utilitarian ethics. Moreover, Virtue ethics focus on person’s characters where Deontology ethics accentuate on rules. Beside these, Devine Command ethics is the most common ethical frameworks that people practice which refers to God’s laws.

Among all these frameworks that have been described in the class, Devine Command is mostly used in my society to take decision. From that we can conclude that most of the people are using religious ethics in their daily life. Personally, I think that I am not using religious ethics as frequently as others are using although I respect those religious laws. Many of my decisions are mostly influenced by Relativist ethical framework. Besides, I like to follow rules, but normally I go for Utilitarian ethics.

This week will be one of my most favorite classes in AiU as I have learned some great lessons that I have never thought before. First of all I got to know my ethical thinking style that helped me to know myself better. In addition I also got to know about my friends which made me think that I am a little bit different than others. Most of my friends select Devine Command as their ethical thinking style and I was feeling like am I wrong in choosing ethical thinking style? Then I analyzed myself again and found out whatever I thought reflects me. After that another question rise in my mind – Should I change my ethical thinking style? I was feeling like I am not religious as they are and this feeling make me inferior. Then one thought cut out that feeling of inferiority which was there is nothing absolutely wrong or exactly right in ethical thinking, but everyone must have reasons to choose whatever they support and it should not harm others. Moreover, we need all these ethical frameworks to decide on different ethical dilemmas. That is why ethics is contextual.

week 7

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