Ethicis in islam

In week 6 we learnt about the ethics in Islam. Inadition to this, in Islam Akhlaq(ethics) and Adab shows us the most important point.. What our lecturer has explain, Akhlaq actually about indicates moral philosophy while Adab teach us how to practices of moral philosophy.

Based on the lecture we discussed that in terms of respect, peace and equality the Islamic ethics are universally accepted in ethics. Moreover we leanrt a few types of islam ethics such as medical ethics, welfare ethics, military ethics and Animals ethics.

Furthermore, while we talk about the ethics in Islam we need to know which the important source to guide us is. All Muslim and I as well, our main sources are Qur’an and Hadith but there still have other sources like Islamic theology, Islamic mysticism, and Islamic jurisprudence. As Muslims, whatever question comes up we need to refer Qur’an in order to find any solution or secret about anything in this world. In addition, there also mentioned about Akhlaq/Khuluq in Qur’an and in Sunnah.

In addition to this, one of my Buddhist friends came up with a question. He asked us is it ethical for a Muslim girl to cover her head in the hot weather? This question made the students urge to answer. Different students came up with different answers. However, according to my opinion it is ethical because we feel more safe and protected. Even in islam we are given the position as a queen. We just need to cover our heads when we are going out and in front of outsider (men’s that we are allowed to marry). As he mentioned the hot weather. Actually when we wear the scarf, we don’t feel hot to our head. I would like to add to this since I was in Sri Lanka I have seen non-Muslim woman covering their head in the hot sun to protract from the hot sun. It has also been proven in the scientific way that it protract the woman’s skull when you cover it.

Finally I learn a lot in this lecture I learn a lot about the ethics in Islam. I learn more about the types of ethic in Islam. Also the topic about scarf made me think deeply about it and did more researched and came out with the positive thought of it. I found out even in the scientific way the Islamic ethics have been proven.


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