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Ethical dilemma of United Nation

This talk of today lecture was touched a little bit on United Nation. Prof. Omar Farouk, the DVC spoke and explained generally about UN as a revision for last classes. What is United Nation? When and why it is established? The first world war ended with a lot of damages and destruction, people died, lost homes and families, the countries which participated in the war lost many things and the world became disorder because big countries still want to compete and take lands from others. United Nation was set up at that time to create and keep peace for the world. The UN is an international organization which was built after the first great world war. It is the link of nations and the main purpose of UN is creating world peace and equality between countries.

Continuing the lecture, our university invited a very special guest, Mr. Faisal attend the class as well as giving us an educated speech on Islam. He talked very much on Islamic aspects as he is a knowledgeable and wise person in the particular field. I remember one of his saying which remained well in my mind that “the more you learn, the more you know, the more you will be humble”. This saying is even showed in his way of life as he looked so luxurious and honorable but the way he wear and speak is very simple as usual people. He talked on many aspects of Islam, Shariah laws, which are right or wrong for Muslim to do and avoid.

After his talk, we all had chances to ask questions and to give opinion on religion of Islam. Some of students raised questions and we discussed together about prophet Muhammad (pbuh), about prohibited things in Islam as well as encouragement on what people should do to make their belief stronger. We had some argument because everyone has their own opinion of accepting which are wright or wrong. Besides that, he told us story of himself since he was young till now. He used to be in many countries during his life time such as Egypt where he was born, Malaysia, America, and Saudi Arabia and so on. Also, he spent his life in many other nations for his study and for his religious activities. His life is adhered to Islam and he instructed people to the right way of Paradise and do good deeds for the afterlife.

Because this was a very useful class for Muslim students as well as students from other religions to better understand about Islam I personally enjoyed it a lot. Through the speech of Mr. Faisal I got more knowledge on my own religion and also his advices made me be more aware of what I did, what I am doing and what should I do in my future life. Life in this world is just temporary and what people should do is achieve as much as possible good deeds so that later we all shall return to God, the only one who created us in this life.

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