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Dominant Current Affairs of The World

Actually, I do not have any idea about this because before I am not the one who is interested about the current issue, I mean I take care about what happen to the world but I did not take care about the issues deeply. Therefore, I will try my best to give input on this subject. For dominant current affairs of the world, as Mr John Britto taught to us there have many types of issues such as science and technology, environmental, socioeconomic-political and cultural.

From the issues not all I understand but, only about environmental and political I know but not so much only a little bit. Furthermore, as all know there have many types of environmental issues such as global warming, pollution, natural disaster (earthquake, tsunami) and many more. What I know about the issues is actually the environment destroy because of the human itself; they are not responsible about the environment. For example, they throw the rubbish here and there, and from that, the pollution will occur.

Moreover, I have read an article about Judge Accepts BP’s $4 Billion Criminal Settlement over Gulf Oil Spill. What can I understand about that article is the careless and greedy people which make around eleven workers dead. The accident happens not only cause death to the worker even do harm to the environment and it really worse. Besides that, I was thinking if I am one of the victims of Tsunami, how can I survive and what will happen to me, can I handle it. This feeling and question always come to my mind when talk about this. Something comes into my heart, like sympathies.

Political. Actually, I really do not like to care about this issue because there have many perceptions in each party and sometimes I do not know who are telling the truth and who are liars. This issue makes me feel bored to know.

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