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Dominant Current Affairs in the World – by Noorharisah

Current affairs are about the current events that happen in the entire of world. According to Macmillan dictionary, currents affairs means political, social, and economic events that are happening now and are discussed in news programmes and newspapers. There are many dominant current affairs of the world includes environment, socio-economic and culture. All these issues are related with one another. Here, I want to share my opinion about the environment issues which I think, it is very important to us and for our next generation. Nowadays, environment problems become the main issues all over the world. There are many issues that related with environment such as global warming, pollution, natural disaster, deforestation, crops lands, greenhouse effects, climate change, and fishery. In my opinion, I think that all these issues causes because of human itself. Human invented the new invention that will helped people in their daily life activity but at the same time, it also will affects the natural environment. For example, usage of fertilizer and pesticides in agriculture activity which can help people to kill the insect and to grow plant but it also will cause soil pollution. People did not realize, the usage of those things will make the soil become toxic and at the same time it also will cause other problems. I know some people are concern about this particular problem but they did not take the actions to prevent it. Every day, I saw many problems of environment on television and there are many actions that government and NGO take to prevent the problem. I think it is hopeless effort, if the crowd did not doing the same thing. People keep doing the same things that will harm the environment while the government and NGO work hardly to prevent the problems and I think it is definitely unfair. Then, the problems will continuously occur because only one party is work hardly to save the environment.

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