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de•moc•ra•cy (d -m k r -s ). n. pl. de•moc•ra•cies. Democracy is when people elect a representative to govern them. Some countries by democracy mean to gain national security, peace and prosperity. Respecting the equal human rights within a country is the one of the main important concerns of democratic countries. They intend to promote economic development, avoid humanitarian crisis, improve the environment and protect the health of the community. From this we understand that democracy means the legitimate government of the people protected exclusively by limiting democratic elements by the Government in accordance with the laws and constitution of the state and in accordance with the essential will of the people.

Democratic societies operate based on the establishment, that no one – neither the powers nor the political ideologies, no group of experts – has no monopoly on the right. Democracy philosophy is pragmatism. Value theory is worth examining the aftermath of her in real life. Solutions, which until yesterday were right, cannot be so today or tomorrow. We, the ones who live in democratic societies are convinced that it is best to occasionally change leaders.

In politics, fundamental feature that characterizes democratic governments that hold power with the consent of the governors. Government exists for purposes that serve the needs of the people; humans do not exist to serve them – for local government are citizens of not exposed.

However, coming up to the question what is wrong with today’s democracy? I believe that the original meaning of democracy is not about the human rights, or electing a representative. Democracy’s actual meaning is the people’s power. We have a democratic system that is supposed to help the society, but instead results in one in which the society is concerned about their safety, health, poverty, homelessness, corruption and so on. Official governors are elected by the people, and as a result of their trust they misuse it. Corruption is one of the main problems with today’s democracy. The throne in which some governors tend to sit by taking the people’s vote is the same as going once in a fast food restaurant. Once you taste it, you become addicted to it and it is difficult to get out of it. It’s the same for some people, once they reach to sit in a chair and taste money they forget about their promises.

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