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What is democracy? And how it was evolved? How is the recent view of democracy? Positive and negative sides of it and other concepts, issues were discussed in this week`s lecture. According to lecturer the democracy is based on the free and fair elections, political system of competition for power and being able to freely criticize government officials, writers and etc. Many governments in the world are really eager to announce that there is a full democracy. But is it real?actually it is not.

Democracy is not freely practised in all countries, we can say only some countries are applying it in their systems. There are still many people who are afraid to speak about politics, or criticize people who are working in higher government posts. Media writes mainly gossips, what they hear from others , not what they have, because they cannot gather enough, credible information. Possibilities are limited. Is it democracy when one does not know what is happening in another side of the country? I think it is not.

For the question what is wrong with today`s democracy, I would answer that there is a limited democracy. When people know what is happening in the country and media is freely practise without any obstacles, then we can say it is democracy. Also people should be able to express their feelings, they should be given a chance to speak up. In that case we can call there is a democracy.

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