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Current Affairs Self Reflection-by Miss Suneeda Dorloh

Current affairs is one of the most burning topic of interest nowadays among all kinds of people. As the impact of an issue is seldom effects many other countries, the study of an issue needs special attention. Thus, when I came over this course, I feel enthusiastic to gain the knowledge regarding this study.

As we see, an issue evolves from many underlying factors and create a whole new set of idea, philosophy and actions all the times. Focusing on resolving the factors is must to clarify the concepts and stop recurring issues.

My study here starts with the theories of current affairs. And got a new powerful tool to explain a current issue. It is obvious that conception and misunderstanding happens when explaining an issue, because of opposing viewpoints and information gatekeeping. Thus, to know each and every aspect of an issue, we need to learn how to look and where to look of an issue.

We now have a tool, a set of windows through which we need to look upon current affairs. Basically, there are four windows, such as Globalization, Environmental, Cultural and Science and Technology. Each window consists of some key words of factors which play particular roles and makes the big picture.

For Globalization window, we can talk about the Global entities or organizations which are controlling the globalization processes. For example, WTO, WB, UN, EU, GATT etc. are controlling the traders and industries across the globe, managing free flow of trade, goods and influencing greatly in an issue.

Environment window comprises of all the nature and environment related factors, such as, global warming, pollution, natural disaster, deforestation, resources depletion etc. Nowadays we see conflicts and wars rising for gaining the control over the resources. The more resources you possess the more you become powerful.

Cultural window gives access to discuss on the media influences and intercultural relationship and communication over an issue. Ineffective communication leads to the conflicts and chaos.

Involvement of machines and technology in our life create another window, Science and Technology. The great roles of the technical and tactical facilities may cause instant turn-about in an issue.

Once we got our lesson on all the windows or frames of a current affair, we try to relate the factors with each other from each frame to post-mortem of that issue. As we advance, we came to the factors which are deeper, we get the ideas of each factors and their contribution in that frame. Like for Economic frame, our lecturer discussed about Special Economic Zones (SEZ), brain drain, trade, capital investment etc. For globalization frame, we know about the dissemination of knowledge, dissolution of physical boundaries, migration and so on. For environmental frame, there are climate damage, natural disasters and global warming in the forefront. Lastly, for cultural and social frame, there exists media and interchange of traditions, worldview and morality of people.

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