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Current Affairs : Globalization 1/2/2013 by Umma Salma

Whenever I want to write something from my last tutorial class what comes first in my mind is the way of my honorable lecturer’s teaching. Our lecturer teaches us in excellent way. I like to write with best of my inspiration that I have learnt in class. Last week we learned about current affairs which means the on-going actions and we also gathered knowledge about globalization that is one of the most discussed thing in current affairs. In class the teacher divided current affairs into four sub-topics that are environment, social-economic, culture and science-technology. By knowing about these four windows we can enlarge our limit of knowledge about present world further we can know what is going to occur in the near future. Current affairs are the combination of two separate words current and affairs. Current means recent, day to day life and affairs mean events, issues etc. so current affairs stand for day to day happenings and events around us. It revolves around actions in different field connected to national, international, economy, sports, environment science and technology. Very often according to the scale of which these events occur, varies it at national, regional or international level. To grow an understanding of these dealings, it is essential to know the different aspects, background, and history of the events in question. Globalization is the system of interaction among the countries of the world in order to develop the global economy. Technological, economic, political, and cultural exchanges made possible largely by advances in communication, transportation, and infrastructure all these are involved by globalization. It has brought out revolutionary changes in modern time. According to economists, there are a lot of global events connected with globalization and integration. Because of globalization, the numbers of countries where products can be sold or purchased are increasing. Increasing Influence of Multinational Companies are increasing. An example for globalization is that a car company whose head office is based in Japan. This company has branches in different countries. While the head office controls the companies, the subsidiaries decide on production. The subsidiaries are tasked to increase the manufacture and profits. Everything in this world has both good and bad sides. Globalization is also belong to this world that means it is not above up wrong. We can make sure of the best use of it by our creative outlook and using the honest means of doing free business. We should keep in mind that we are human who are the responsible for various conflicts among the people at present that has made our beautiful earth poisonous. All the things that we are seeing by media are not always true rather we are getting involved with misunderstanding and committing clash nationally and internationally. Therefore it is the demand of time to be very aware about the accurate current affairs what are happening behind us.

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