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Cultural Identity paper of Mohammat Arfan

My name is Mohammat Arfan and I’m 23 years old. My family’s composition is brown and I am from a Srilankan family. My father can be considered as real Srilankan but my mother comes from a Javanese family which is related to Indonesia. Even my father has a bit mixed with the Morocco as fathers race migrated from Morocco.  In my family and throughout my life, I have been exposed to various kinds of racial and cultural diversity.

In my beloved family there seven members, they are: my parents, brother, sis-in-law and their two children. Presently my family has been spread, because my father works at a shop in another city and I am studying in Malaysia. My brother has a shop and sister-in-law works as a Tamil language teacher in a school. My beloved mother does n’t go to work but she does all the house whole works.

I am the second and last child of my family. I have had many experiences throughout my life. As my family has a mixed culture, I feel I have a good sense in cultures. Besides my family background I have exposed to another culture which is the real native culture of my country. Therefore I have been influenced by three kinds if cultures. These family conditions were the back born for me to stand as a complete human being, but the most important back born was the blessings of Allah(SWT).I strongly believe the blessings of our god. All our faith depends on our Creator (Allah), and it will be based on our deeds.

I was born in the capital city of my country but I was fully grown up in my little remote village which is very far from the city. From my childhood I used to be with my mum. We lived in our own house which was built by my father. My village mainly depends on farming and other self-employments, the villagers verily believe in traditional methods in farming as well as in medicines. The village environment and the culture thought me lot of great facts of human life.

The things that make my life busy with are, studying as a Computer Science student, being as the senior lay out designer of the campus NEWS magazine, and each month I have to work on two issues of it. Another thing that make my identity is, work with SIFE team member, this is where I work for the community on their behalf, this can be also considered as a volunteer service. Furthermore I am an active member of Martial Arts club and I hold the position of equipment manager, each Friday and Saturday night we have the training sessions for that. Beside these, I have the membership of Green and Nature club, Campus welcoming committee and Cricket club. Also I use to teach math subject for SPM students under AMP program it can be also consider as a community service. These are some of the things that bring me up in the society.

I come from a middle class family, and I am a Muslim. Besides all these I am a youth student in an International University. These are the main things that impact my growth. I am growing day by day among a great cultural diversity.

I have under gone through many different cultures as I’m studying in an International University. There are about 54 different cultures that represent by 54 countries. Except that, I have attended several Malaysian wedding ceremonies and several traditional Malaysian occasions which emphasized their culture and customs. Before I come to Malaysia I was growing up among Buddhist culture as my country is a Buddhist country. I also have experience being with Hindu culture and Christian culture. I have met many friends from different religions and raise alone my life journey; these experiences would be a good platform for me to build up relationships with any kind of other culture.

With the blessings of my God I have got my daily need, good education and my parents were able to feed me and give me the good things whatever they had. I have been living a middle class life where I could effort on my needs. Now I am getting a free education and being exposed to a multicultural diversity. Besides my academic carrier, I am learning about all the cultures and trying to fulfill my-self in that particular prospective.


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