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Contemporary Ethics

Week 11 was the second last lessons for this trimester, the lecture had been given Mr Faosiy and Ms Vino about the Contemporary Ethics (Part 3). This time they were explaining on torture, criminalizing war, humanitarian intervention, plagiarism and divorce.

Plagiarism is one of the common issues among the students, either primary schools, secondary schools, or university students. Plagiarism can be define as copy others works with or without permissions. Students plagiarise other written works and submit these works as their own written assignments. This happen when the students are mostly less skills in certain subjects where led them to do plagiarism because they want to get one of the best mark. In addition, plagiarism can be seen as cheating in education which is many students are highly motivated by grades and might not see a relationship between learning and grades.

The last topic of our lectures was about a very interesting topic which was divorce. When we are talking about divorce, I am very sure that it is closely related with marriage. In every marriage, every individual is hope for the best of their long life relationship with their partners. However, in every God’s fate they would not be full of happiness forever and there might be some obstacles which we need to face. As respond to the last question about the consequences of divorce, with my own experienced, I had gone through all this hard moment where my parents were separated for two months while waiting for the court gave their final decision. As the eldest daughter, of course it was the rigid flash for me where it happened on my final year of secondary schools where it supposed to be my last and important exam. When this problem occurs, I was very down and almost got into depression where I did not go to schools about two weeks, cried almost every day and I never bother on my exam grades at all. The consequences of this, I had a very terrible marks in my mid-term examination where I just pass about 4 out of 11 subjects. In addition, I mostly preferred to skip from schools and just hang out around the town and shopping mall which because I felt so lost and lonely. Likewise, I also lost my trust and somehow my respect which recently make me difficult to believe people easily until this moment.

Nevertheless, this problems made me being closer with my sisters where I care more about them rather than myself because I wanted to make sure they would not feel like how I am going through. Moreover, I took this as the biggest challenge in my life and I must be stronger and matured in order to overcome my own depression. So, after a few months I tried my very best to face all of this matter and started focusing on my study which finally I got better results in my final examination. I believe that, only some people who can going through all this moment and take this as the biggest step for their success in future.


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