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Contemporary Ethical Issues

Week eleven I cannot believe that it is week eleven, the time go very vast if only time goes it is ok but every second of our life time getting less and it is depend on us how we going to spend whether by ethical way or unethical. This week also was continuation of week nine which we had. Nevertheless, this week we had different topics which made class enjoyable and fun. The topics were torture, plagiarism and divorce.

Torture means that the practice or act of deliberately inflicting severe physical pain and possibly injury on a person, though psychological and animal torture also exist. Currently around the world there are so many kind of torture happening. Such a torture is in the prisons and women. It is unethical because of several reasons. The most important is that human have rights to live without torture and the one who torture others will be punished to prison.

After that there was a good discussion for plagiarism topic which was one of the great discussions. Plagiarism is kind of cheating which means that when we take someone ideas to use and claim it as our own idea. After that there was a question which is how to stop students from plagiarism? There were a lot of ideas how to solve this problem. Some students suggested giving assignment in the beginning of the trimester, it may solve this problem. Nonetheless, I think it is not only about giving assignments but it is about explaining from lecturer. If lecturers explain something and the topics clearly explained by lecturer students can get idea from it then it will be easy for students to do it. But, when lecturer did not explain it well to students and lecturer expected more from student, there will not be any more choice except plagiarize in order to get high mark. Therefore, I think lecturer should explain well to student this will overcome plagiarising.

Another hot topic for this week was divorce which is the discussion goes well.  There was question about what are the consequences of divorce? I think the main problem of divorce is misunderstanding and married because of wealth. Because when people married because of money, and if their husband in the future become poor they will not live anymore. Misunderstanding occurs between husband and wife because of jealous.  The impacts of this are very bad when people get divorced firstly for their own self.   Then, it will psychologically affect children when they live with one of them and they can see only love of one of his/ her parents. I think the best ways to reduce divorce are avoid arrange married, married by choice, understand each other and the jealous should be less.

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