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Conflict – by afras91

Week four was all about conflict. What is conflict? When people think of the word conflict, they often think of wars or violence. However, Conflict exists at all levels of society in all sorts of situations. It is easy to forget that we Experience conflict every day of our lives. Conflict is a fact of life. It happens between two or more people or group. E: g religious conflict, political conflict, resource conflict, language conflict.

It is important to remember that conflict can be creative. Conflict is sometimes necessary to bring justice where injustice exists. It can provide an opportunity for new social and political systems to be established and can help to shape the future. However, when conflict becomes violent it will usually do more harm than good. There are many different types of conflict experienced by communities all around the world.

Conflict starts because people do not agree about an issue. While a conflict starts because of an issue of disagreement, there are usually background influences that fuel the conflict. The most important influence is power. Others include culture, identity and rights. There are many sources of power. Power is not just military strength. It can include money, networks, information, authority, knowledge, security and access to resources. Example India-Pakistan.

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