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In this week we discussed the typology of conflicts, as we know that conflicts have occupied most of our current affairs today. Below, i share with you what I understood from the discussion, as well as my opinion. There are many types of conflicts, and among them are the following; Irredentism and Separatism, Terrorism, Religious conflicts and non-violent alternatives.

Irredentism This word originally comes from an Italian word “irredenta”. Irredentism means any position advocating for annexation of territories administered by another state on the grounds of common ethnicity or prior historical possession. For example in Somalia there is self-claimed Somaliland and well as Pakistan and India over Kashmir valley While Separatism on the other hand means the social system that provides separate facilities for minority groups e.g. Russia, China, India, Thailand and the Philippines have Muslim-separatist groups.

Terrorism The use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims. The world over knows about this act and many lives have been lost some examples include the attack on Twin Towers in USA. Today terrorism is synonymous with Muslims which I barely agree with. Recently the worrying conflicts in Mali West Africa is also raising questions about terrorism and its approach by some Western countries.

The irrefutable truth is that the whole thing about terrorism has big barking dogs behind them and have other motives. I reflective on this as one of the worst things happening to humanity and thus should be fought against. On the other side, What should we say about the gun and control in the U.S.A? “ Over the past years many killings have happened because of improper usage of the gun. It is a right of Americans to own a gun. I do think more serious amendments must be put in place to overcome the misuse of guns. Now the debate is escalating from the NRA (National Riffle Association) to the Republicans as well as Democrats. The NRA advocates for the rights of Americans while the Democrats are calling on the Republicans to join in the fight against gun control as Well it’s not ethically right for a normal citizen to have a high caliber machine.

In America the gun has long been a symbol of power and masculinity and I think this has led them astray coupled with the fuss cast around media through movies (Hollywood). These guns are dangerous to human life, and the money spent on firearms can be used in others charitable fields as so many individuals around the world are suffering. Religious conflicts: Religion is total way of life or organized system of beliefs. Religious conflicts are the disagreements arising from differences in faith and belief. Under the religious conflicts there are sub-types namely; inter-religious (conflict between two different religions. Intra-religious conflicts (between same religion) Ethno-religious conflicts (religions along with ethnic conflicts) Political religious conflicts (politics combined in religious conflicts) The above have happened everywhere except in some few states especially with a flavor of politics, in my opinion there should be religious freedom as long as people understand the presence of a super being (creator of the heaven and earth)

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