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Cloning, Abortion and Surrogacy

Week 8 was one of the funnies and enjoyable classes ever. This lecture was about contemporary ethical issues which are abortion, surrogacy, suicide, cloning, and mercy killing. This week lecture held by Dr Fouzy and this week was his first time to give a lecture from ethic class. Dr. Fouzy introduced to students cloning which is about somatic cell nuclear transfer – SCNT. Cloning is a genetic copy of a sequence of DNA of an organism. There are two kind of cloning: fist for replacement things while second is transplantation part of organism. There are cloning which mostly familiar for people is sheep cloning. In my country Tajikistan there some people use it which they will use DNA of pig in sheep but it will be born sheep and the advantage for them is it will born in one time more sheep.

Another thing that we study was about abortion. As we seen in many countries abortion are not allowed especially in Malaysia. There advantages and disadvantages for it. In my opinion it is unethical to not allowed abortion, because it will causes to more baby dumping in country. Take an example Malaysia is one of the countries which are high for baby dumping this is all because of not allowing abortion. It is ethical to allowed abortion because when you allowed people to use it even though they will do adultery or something else, they will abort it rather than born it an dump it which is called as killing baby. If they allowed abortion during 1 or 2 moths it is ethical but if it is more than that it is not ethical. This would be better I think because during this month the baby does not have life yet therefore it is possible to abort it rather than dump it in the future.

Surrogacy is one of the big problems around the world. Currently most of the family would have problem in their family because of child which they have problem to have child (husband or wife). Most of them will solve this problem by divorce but sometimes there is choice to have child from others and keep it for yourself as your child. In my opinion, they should get child from others is better than divorce. Moreover, this child I think should not know about it that which he is from another mother because since him / her know it may leads to do not have feeling to stay with them more.

This class ended by full of encouragement and full of enjoyment. Because this was the topic which familiar to all of the students and we can discuss about it more therefore it was very enjoyable time for everyone I think.

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