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Can we truly say that humanity is progressing?

Can we truly say that humanity is progressing? It’s quite confusing question.  Some of us once they heard the question they go back in history trying to display all the events especially the very good and the very bad onces and then compare them with current events and present situation. But surely After a while they will realize that both parts of equation are equal and the curve is going to zero! Simply, because the human being of the past is the human being of the present. Therefore, it’s more reliable in such subjects to have a holistic view rather than a partial view and to adopt a particular pattern.

However, the circumstances changes, which lead to a behaviour change of humanity too. People in the past had more space and freedome, somehow their communities and cultures were isolated which provided a diversity and privacy. However, nowadays the world is much more connected and globalized. Time and space became quite short. As a sequence, the power nowadays is a power of information, if u control the information then u can control the world. For this purpose to get to the power many institutions tried to control information, commercial institutions or political institutions by all possible media means, But the competition is not easy, thus those parts uses lies as a mean to reach their purposes. The media is shaping the world, a fake world. Yet people don’t realize how fake it is! Unfortunately, they don’t even know who is the friend and who is the enemy anymore, sometimes they reverse between them, no wonder. In the past, there was less hypocricy. Things were clear, for example you can simply know whether a town is under Roman rule or not.

In order to evaluate the humanity we have to evaluate the relationship between humans in the past and the present. Of course our best sample for that would be the family, let us look to the family in the past. The family was big; under one roof you find up to four generations living together, each one contributes as he can. They live in harmony and as a small organised community, love and respect, dignity and all human rights link them. In the present families are tiny, three or two persons. Some people predict the extinction of family life. Yes, now people prefer to live single or to live with an animal rather than with his family!!

After  looking to all that, I say that humanity is facing an unpleasant decline. In order to fix this situation, each one of us has to reflect what has just read to his humanity, to himself. Do I have good relationship with my family? With my people? If not, try to make a good one. Because only then, we can move on to a better humanity.

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