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…. but humanity is declining

This is the fourth week of this trimester as well as to introduction to ethic classes. This week’s lecture was given by Professor Evangelous and tutorial by MR. John Britto. In the  lecture session, we learnt about ancient Greek civilization and their ethics. Since I was young, I used to learn about ancient civilizations Roman, Indian, Persian and others. Greek empire was one of them. Ancient Greece is famous for great philosophers and mathematicians.  Its philosophies influenced other parts of the world at their time. Their civilization was one of the top at that era.

On lecture day, professor explained about Greek ethics and their philosophies. He is from Greece and thus he knows very well about Greece and its history. The lecture recalled some of my knowledge about Greece which I had learnt in secondary school. Professor gave me a clear image about how their civilization looked like. The thing which I liked the most during that lecture was the last question he asked  us. Are human beings improving?

For me, the answer is no.  Because people are doing things such we cannot even imagine. There are many clear evidence. We just look around and we can see everywhere. In the past , the things they did, did not affect  the society. But nowadays, people are doing unethical things by ignoring everything, in spite of  knowing what they are doing is wrong. I, personally, think that human beings are improving in term of knowledge and technologies but humanity is declining.

In tutorial session, we discussed about ethical issues in our fields.  We discussed among us and came out with what are the problems, what are the consequences of that problem and what will be the resolutions. The funny part was our group misunderstood and we thought that we had to talk about problem inside our university. We were the only group which went totally out of the topic. Eventually, it was a very meaningful tutorial session.

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