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Business Ethics

In this week, we had learnt about ethic in different fields like business ethic, health care or medical ethic, Political ethics, educational ethic, and so on. We had divided into groups of three. All of three people in my group are from school of Business and therefore we pick the Business ethic. We discussed about the positive points and negative points of Business ethics.

The first points which came to our mind about business ethic was “Identifying customers’ needs and wants”.  Business men focus on what customers’ likes and dislikes in order to fulfill the customers’ satisfaction. Therefore, it is good not only for business men but also for customers. They give more priority on customers than their desire for their product. Before start running new business, it is one of the strategies to research on what customer need. Business men and women give friendliness to the customers. They give warmly welcome, understanding, treating nicely to the customers so that they can success in their business. Business men treat people impartially and fairly. It is really good and get contentment for the customers.

Another good thing is that Business men follow the business law. There are some laws which business man has to follow like Tax Laws, Employee Laws, and so on. The employers give warranty to employees for their safety. Employers have duty to protect to their employees. For instance, if one of the employees gets hurt, the boss has been charged. Besides, business men have to follow the environmental laws in order to protect from disposing harmful waste or material to the environment. Besides, business men follow the wages and hours for workers. The employees have their standardize time limit for working. If they exceed their working limit of time, they are getting extra money for over time.

Another good thing in business is “Licensing”. Licensing is an official document giving us permission to own something or do something for a period of time.  When new business start and it serves the public, it is needed to apply license to the government in order to protect from product’s potential harmful and putting the people in danger. For instance, the food business, it is important to concern about cleanliness and license is a must. Therefore, licenses one of the important things in business to be monitored by the local government to ensure public safety.

However, there are some negative behaviors or unethical things in business. As I’m learning business administration, I had learned some ethical dilemma in business. These are Discrimination, Sexual harassment, Conflicts of interest, Product safety, Organizational resources and so on. The first one is discrimination. Sometimes, the employees are discriminated by the employers. For instance, employers biased on employees in giving position. They might give good position to the people who are closed with them. Besides, they might hire the people only the people who they know. Second one is conflicts of interest. Sometimes, when they are making decision, they are proposing their ideas based on their interest rather than right decision. Moreover, there are cases of sexual harassment between employers and employees and so on.

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