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Around the world in two hours – by Muhammed Saajid

As I mentioned previously that I had created a thirst to hunt behind latest updates around the world, this week class became much interesting for me. We started our tour from Malaysia. The latest update about Malaysia is its 13th general election which is just around the corner. The journalist seems to be very busy these days adding paper and spices to the news especially regarding election. To confess the truth, I totally hated politics and that made me not to bother a lot searching about it. Thus, I had an only a handful of information regarding politics of my own country and other nations as well. How every, the recent visit to the Malaysian parliament and the discussion in the class has built me an interest to know about it more and more. Then we discuss a little bit about the Syrian conflict. Then we moved to Japan and then China. During the discussion I was amazed to know the fact the once upon a time Japan tried to become the maritime power. They have defeated Russia in 1904-05. They colonized Korea and Taiwan as well. However, behind the screen the USA has been helping them in terms of money and other means. It is proven by the famous article 9 that forbids Japan from having any sort of war and even maintaining a self-defense than the required level. Another interesting thing about Japan is that, it has collected the largest collection of data about the Muslims in China. Finally we arrived in Mali discussing the recent issue on the countries northern part. To be honest, more than 80% of the discussed current affairs around the world are new to me. Moreover, it made me curies to know about these issues in details. All in all, we had a great load of new information from the lecture session. Most important, in order to improve the preciseness and the authenticity of an issue, an individual should study or know the history as well as the present of the issue thoroughly.

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