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Arab spring – liberty and peace

In this lecture we got knowledge on Arab Spring (a revolutionary wave of demonstrations) which takes place in Arab countries, like Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Algeria, Iraq, Morocco and so on. During the lecture we watched some videos/talks which were mostly focused on Egypt, since it was the second country and it was mind blowing news when Husnie Mubarak decided to step down from his position.

Dalia talk

Al-Tahrier Square has become a modern icon in Egypt. People did not rise because of poverty and unemployment only, the country was getting richer and richer but people were still poor. According to her research, Arabs did want liberty and justice. Above all, the spell of watching has reversed, the people were watching their governments and politicians, asking them what are you going to do and how fast are you going to do it. Lastly, she mentioned that the elections were the fairest elections in Egypt since a long time ago.

Wael talk

He said that nobody was a hero in this revelation; everyone contributed and did something to make it happen.  People broke the barrier of fear and they have accepted each other, despite of their differences.

Waddah talk

He said that people did not want any foreign change, they were all afraid of the Iraqi example. But people have made the change from within, abolishing the danger of colonization and bringing the benefits of freedom. People did not believe the conspiracy theory trick that governments used to pull against them.

Zahra talk

Zahra’s talk was about the Libyan revolution and what happened afterwards. She was mostly talking about how women were empowered after the revolution. She talked about the Zipper List, which sounded like making man and woman equal in all vertical and horizontal rankings. She has focused on putting women in high positions in the government. However, they have noticed eventually that it is not a woman capital that is missing, it is the woman’s values of compassion, mercy and love.

So, no matter what the fears are if people unite as one, they will make the change they want even though they will have to sacrifice their living conditions, or even life.

Student: Butrint Bozalija

ID No. 209110188

Subject: Current Affairs

Week: 9

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