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Arab Spring

In one of the evenings in Egypt family gathered in one house and they were having dinner together. They were talking about general things, about their lives, works and upcoming birthday of Ibrahim who was turning to the age of 2. Suddenly, all they heard the voice of bombing. All they were shocked. It was a sign of war, later on it was named after Arab Spring which brought catastrophical consequences. Thousand of people died, many people became homeless. The reason they were fighting is that they were demanding democracy from the government. It is seen clearly that until now western countries have been developing in terms of economy, technology, democracy and freedom, social life. Apart from western countries, many Asian countries are going in the great pace of development. Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan,Malaysia, Hong Kong can be example for this. Do Arabian countries also become like Western countries? The answer is yes if they try. Actually what are the causes why Arab countries have not developed despite being rich from mineral resources, oil.

There could be different answers for the question above. The current government is taking place without passing it to another leader, means there is a sign of monarchy. Another leader may have plans which can develop country, but government is resistant  in its place. Also the rights of people have been restricted, democracy is not active, people cannot criticize government officials, rights of women also limited, it is hard to see female  leaders, small and medium enterprises are not encouraged, people are living in a poverty while there are billionaires in the country.  For the reasons above they started to demand their rights. They started revolution in their countries. Tunisia was first country started it ,followed by Oman, Egypt and other countries. In many countries, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, it is still ongoing. We hope that the war will finish soon and countries will flourish economically and socially.

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