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Application of Ethics

In this week my lecturer from Ethics Mr Jaime give lecturer about  application of ethics and ethical dilemma in current situation. We first had a short quiz before starting information about the new lecture for this week. It was a check of knowledge that whether students know or understand these ethical frameworks or not then the lecture was proceeding to the new lesson. We were introduced five different types of ethical frameworks. I think most of the people get bored in this class because it will give you more stress than mathematics subject. it is only two hours but it is look like we study 5 hours which is so boring make students tired faster.  we do not afraid form quiz or other things but the way which he use make class tired which he will count then you should give and so on.

Mr. Jaime’s way of teaching is mostly by technology which is wonderful.  he gave us knowledge about five types of ethical frameworks which are relativist, divine-command, utilitarian, deontology, and virtue. In all of the framework he took statistics from our class which shows which kind students we are in the class and he achieved it. This make class fun a bit and give us encourage to do not sleep.

Beginning with relativist ethics Mr Jaime says it is something that depends on the situation if we consider it is right or wrong. It is kind of ethical framework which related to the society. After that he teach us about divine-command which is if anything obeys God’s laws is right or break God’s rules is wrong. This framework mostly depend on religion which is divine. Another ethical frame work which he give us was utilitarian. It is something which considered as ethical if its effects, results are good and beneficial. De-ontology was another example of him to us which always follow rules. While he took statistic of the class in this framework, according to his Statistics there were just few students who follow the rules others not follow the rules at all.

The class of today finish by answering Quiz about all of this in order to know in which category we included. When I check mine, I got the result that which shows me I am using Divine framework which I appreciate the answer.

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