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On 4th week of seminar on current affairs’ lecture we had an excellent speech by Dr.Faosiy about religious conflicts, irredentism, separatism, terrorism and non-violent alternatives. The lecture was quite long and a bit boring because maybe it wasn’t interesting enough for me except religious conflicts, terrorism.

Dr.Faosiy was talking about the conflicts in religion dividing them into Intra-religious and Inter-religious conflicts. He could give clear examples of these conflicts in his lecture which made us to understand easily. Intra-religious conflicts like he said is obvious conflict which usually happens between the same religions. For instance, in Islam we have elements of our religions such as Shia and Sunni. For many centuries there is a conflict between Shia and Sunni Muslims arguing some religious contents. Sometimes, there are some conflicts happened leading even deaths of thousand Muslims.

Dr.Faosiy was also talking about the differences between terrorism and freedom fighters. He even gave us 2 articles regarding Al-Qaida. These articles taken from an interview of former British Foreign secretary saying that “The truth is, there is no Islamic army” which was also claiming USA making up every scenario about Al-Qaida being terrorist. The surprising thing is that 4 week his interview he was found dead. What really convincing is that USA is digging every oil-available country’s ground and making their nation terrorists and the astonishing thing is that USA only uses oil of mostly Islamic countries. People around the world have already realized that, for example responding to an interview of Robin Cook the advisor of national security of US Zbigniew Brzezinski confirming that Al-Qaida is actually a database of thousands of mujahideen recruited and trained by CIA to defeat the Russians.

4th week of Seminar on Current Affairs lecture was somehow interesting with the history of religion, its conflicts, politics, terrorism and etc.

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