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Abortion is a very sensitive issue from the moral and ethical points of view, and there are numerous proponents and opponents of abortions among us. In my opinion it is a controversial issue. I would like to mansion my position regarding abortion legalization. As it is a controversial issue I would not agree to legalize abortion in any part of this world.

Abortion is considered to be unnatural and an immoral act towards an innocent life. In my opinion it should be considered as a murder of an unborn child. No one has the right to take a life in order to protect themselves financially, physically and etc. In most of the Asian countries abortion is very unhealthy and risky because, it is being continued to be done illegally. Most of the unmarried couples are going for abortion mostly because of the society. If they are that much concerned about the views of society they must think about it before they commit a mistake.

Those are the reasons why I am against this issue. It is a criminal act towards a life. If life is valuable for an adult during a sickness, how can the life of an unborn baby is not that valuable. Unless a mother is in a danger while she is carrying her baby and the doctors instructs her to go for abortion it is acceptable because, the mental feeling of that mother is not to kill the baby. Some people may say it is actually their personal matter so, none of us have the right to interfere into their life and decisions, but I believe that it is not personal.

  Most of the abortion cases are from unmarried couples. They are taking a life because of their mistake and if this continues it is going to effect a whole culture. Some peoples say what happens to the girls who are raped and carrying a child in no interest and love.  There is a greater possibility to go for abortion. It is my opinion why don’t they give birth to that child and give it to people who are suffering without having a baby.

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