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As a person who has spent my life in the fields of Education, Art, Media, Communication, Community Development, Sustainability and Philosophy, I share my experiences, thoughts and feelings here for you.





Education is the realisation of oneness of the content and the appreciation of diversity of the form in the mega universe (galaxies) and mini universe (species). Education is the discovery of balance, equity and diversity in them.

Education is the process of mind understanding itself. The cognitive, constructive, behavioral and affective processes of learning are not enough to understand, so, I propose to add equilibrium process of learning to the existing ones, and I call my new theory as equilibriumism.


Education6.0 is the new revolutionary framework that I suggest, basing on the theory of equilibriumism.




Every species in the Universe communicates to exist or exist to communicate. As a media and communication student of Pierre Babin of CREC/AVEX, France, I understand that communication is life, feeling is first and ground is more important than figure. 

My involvement in Theatre and Arts have shaped my emotional intelligence. The success of life lies in tapping the affective side of the mind.


This page is dedicated to such life and work experiences.





Nammalwar, the Natural Farming Expert from India is my mentor in community development activities. When we started an NGO called SHADE (later changed to KUDUMBAM), I was the first secretary and Nammalwar was the president.


I got the idea of democracy, social action and sustainability from this great leader who later propagated organic farming concepts in India. 

Yvon Ambroise of Caritas India introduced me to social analysis and critical thinking process. It helped me in involving in social change activities in the fields of Women Empowerment, Children Development, Youth Emancipation, Health and Sanitation, Disaster Relief, Rehabilitation and Reconstruction, Sustainable Development, Biofarming and Environment and Cultural Change.


This page brings out my community development experiences.





My love for knowledge comes from my father Mr. Parisutham Masilamani. He taught me to think deeply and calmly. He helped me travel to the depths, widths and heights of the world of wisdom.


When I walk in the streets of that world, I am wonderstruck to realise the giants who have tried to understand life and express it to humanity. The opium of drinking the existing knowledge has always been an experience of ecstasy. 


While i am boozed with the richness of these giants, standing on their shoulders, I try to share my humble understanding of THEORY OF LIFE to you. I have named it VUYIRMEI THEORY. This page is dedicated for that.





I have had a lovely family when I grew up. My parents were one of the ideal parents who dedicated their lives completely to the wellness of their children.


My childhood experiences with my seven siblings and many cousins, in pre-globalised context, were one of nature centric, self reliant and value based ones.  The early education, though was a schooling model of European colonisation, was comparatively enjoyable to the existing corporate colonised education.


Looking back now, I have tried to choose my own path in love, family, career, volunteering and professional lives.You can glimpses of my life here in this page.

Enjoy Browsing!

John Britto Parisutham
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