Global Issues by Wirda Latip

Today is the sixth week of the lecture and tutorial for current affairs class. For this week, we had discussed about globalization where it is more focused on global issues. In the beginning of the class, the entire student had to list about five main problems in the universe. Then, I had listed corruption, social problem, racism, misunderstanding and selfishness as the main problems in the world. After listing all the point, we had to share and discussed our point with the other the students. My lecturer tries to relate the main issues with the global issues that happening nowadays. After that, he shown us a movie entitled Ted Talks which is television shows where they discuss about problem occurring in this world. I had written some of the main problem from the movie.

These were the main problems to be solved in this world; starving, AIDS, international immigrant, lack of clean drinking water, lack of sanitation, global warming and illiterate adults. From my point of view, government should take actions and aware with these issues. Governance should spend the money wisely, not by spending for useless and non important things. Governance also should take series action to those important cases.

In the tutorial class, we had formed in the group to do some activities. Mr John had come out with the interesting ideas by asking us to listing down the keyword of globalization and global warming as much as we can. Not only that, we also can ask the question if the keyword is not related with the topics given. These activities can make students think and brainstorming. It is also improved my communication with other students and I can shared my opinion about some issues. This week lecture very helped me by gained some knowledge about problem around the world and I also got to know some solutions for the issues nowadays.

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