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World war..

‘World War’ is a word that I always heard since I was in primary school until now. Unfortunately, I never know the true story about it. And I never have desire to know about it in details. What I know, world war is war between many countries around the world. It happens many years ago and it becomes history now.  All people talked about it, and I believe it brings a lot of effects to the world whether good or bad effects and its always in people’s mind until now.

In March 29, 2013, I was given the opportunity to know about the world war in lecture class of seminar current affairs. I watched the video about world war on that day. It was amazing because I never imagine how the war looks like was. What I can see from the video, there are many people was killed because of war. Sometimes, I just wonder, what are they get from war. Is there any guarantee that war will bring us to peace and is it worth to sacrifice million people life in order to make our world become peace? I always question myself about it and until now I still did not get the answer.

But, in this lecture, I got the answer for some of my questions. By watching the video, I realized that war creates the innovation. During the war, people were thought to create something that can be used for fighting with the enemy.  They must think creatively to create something awesome to win in the war. Through the video shows that, people used the machine to make a long ditch for them to hide from enemy. And it is innovation that they create and we used the innovation until now. Another advantage that I got from watched the video is, there is women empowerment. We can see that, before war, women who are always be at home twenty-four hours. They are doing the household activities and they never go out for looking another job. But when the war, women were out from their house to work while men were busy getting ready for war. Women were doing all the men’s jobs and they are proving that, women also have equal stand with men. For me, it was amazing video because I can see by myself how the war happens actually. How the process that people through to face war.

However, even there are advantages that we get from war but we still cannot deny that, wars were killed billion of people around the world.  It is the bad effect of war that we cannot deny it. War takes people’s life actually. I think people’s life is more important than the advantages that we got from war. We cannot replace the life of people. What I have seen in the video, around 9 billion people were died in world war. It is a very big number of people died in World War I think.

As a conclusion, I think having a war to solve any problem that we face is not a good idea. If we can see war will bring advantages to us but, I think the disadvantages are more than advantages that we will get. We can solve our problem in peace without war, why we should use war as a solution for our problem. Do we think war is like a games? For me, it is not a game; it is about people’s life. If we think war is like a game, means we are playing with people’s life. And it is not a joke when almost 9 billion people died in World War 2.

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