Sounh Mon Hlaing

“ Sir!…we were the ones who asked appointment through face book…We would like to ask you a question.”

“ Welcome. Take your seats. What do you want to know?”

“Sir!…We want to know the reason why we need to study Co-Curriculum and Leadership (CCL) Course?”

“Good. Let me list the reasons for learning CCL course.”

Reasons for learning CCL Course:

1.      Portfolio: You need to learn different types of portfolios and their uses. Portfolio is the intellectual and artistic expression of your action and reflection. You learn how to prepare a portfolio. When you apply for a job, you need to provide an EFFECTIVE PORTFOLIO of yourself to the prospective employer. If you are good in adding necessary ARTIFACTS ( proofs), you can impress anybody.

2.      Reflection: You learn the process of reflection. The basic action/experience, Sharing, Processing, generalising and applying. It helps you in any path of your life. In family life, you learn to REFLECT on the incidents that take place in your life. In your professional life, you can reflect and learn to overcome the difficulties and increase the possibilities of development. In your career, the skill of reflection will help you in every step.

3.      Ethics and Values: This is the important section in CCL course. You learn the core values of a good life and good ethics of practical life. You are exposed to universal values. You learn about the aspects of ethics. This will help you in your personal life and professional life. You need to follow some ethics wherever you are. If you a business man, you need to follow some business ethics. If you are an employee of a company, you need to follow some job ethics.

4.      Rationale of Service: You learn from CCL, especially from theories like ABRAHAM MASLOW’S HIERARCHY OF HUMAN NEEDS and Mr.Richard Barrett’s seven levels of Consciousness, that every human being needs motivation to live and achieve different levels of life. When an individual fulfils his physiological needs, safety and security needs, love and belonging needs, self-esteem needs, he strives for self-actualisation needs. He also transforms to SERVE for others.

5.      Team building: It is said that every individual spends 90% of his time in groups. In the family, work place, friend’s circles, associations and so on. You should know how every individual behaves in a group. The knowledge of group dynamics help you to be a SUCCESSFUL person in your personal, family and professional life.

“ Sir!…..now we understand the reasons for learning CCL.. Thank you.. Sir” Two students said smilingly.

“You are welcome”…I said.


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