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Who is an ethical person?

The week 7 lecture was taught by Mr. Jamie. We got a great lecture and we were happy with him. In class, we did so many activities like quizzes and got a lot of knowledge. The best part is that the lecturers always asked us questions about the lectures that they have taught us before and we would not forget again. I did answer well all the lecture quiz that Mr. Jamie asked us to do. I learned about how to make decisions not to be only quick but to be smart also and he showed us how to aware of our ethical style when we have to decide or consider something.

Quizzes and essays helped us a lot in our lecture and it helps us easy to understand and remember what the key points are. This week 7 lecture was all about to be an ethical person and be a better person. He did a new style ethical framework which was different from other lectures and it was really reliable because when I did my quizzes and questions, I could easily find out the answers and it’s all thanks to Mr. Jamie and his lecture.

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