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Week 5 – Globalization – by Yug Tara Moktan

In this week, we studied about the globalization. Before we were discussing about globalization, we have written and expressed our own point of view towards the globalization that we have to write in a paragraph. And one by one we gave our explanation in the lecture class. Some of us gave a bit point and some gave complete explanation of globalization. After that we were discussing about the aspects of globalization which was main point to be discussed for this class. I was a bit familiar with this topic so I could not get any difficulties to elaborate it. We also have gone through the negative and positive effects of globalization which  we already studied during previous session but for me, it is like more clarification of globalization.

When lecturer were asking a question that ‘is globalization a recent phenomenon?’ which question really moved me to focus on it. I was quite confuse that I do not have enough knowledge about the history as I am weak in history of geology. There were some questions as well which I could get any further.

While lecturer was showing the slide of the topic of the ten values for children I was more concerned on it because lecturer were asking how many of us want to our children to be those values where I selected the five values that independence, hard work, feeling of responsibility, tolerance and respect for other people and unselfishness.

In addition, we also discussed about the South-East and East-Asian countries and their regions as well as findings number of region forming homogenous national disaster.

Indeed this week helped me more to understand globalization not only understanding even improving my skills such as in reading, writing and thinking because of reflection dairy activity. It is the best way to improve and develop our skills and knowledge.

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