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Week 4. Reflection diary – Different ethical perceptions: Communism

Forth weeks’ lessons on Ethics were quite different from the previous weeks’ ones. More specifically, lecture was about the Greek history of ethics as Greeks are believed to be among the first originators of philosophy. He explained some interesting thoughts about ethical justification of crime in history of Greece.

The tutorial of the subject was similar to the lecture. Mr. John introduced us to different perceptions of ethics from the prospective of different religions and political systems. This was very educational for me to learn about different ethical views. Although there are similarities, different religions and political systems interpret the idea of right and wrong differently. Interestingly, ideologies might even fully oppose one another like Capitalism and Communism do.

I want to take a deeper look at the way ethical issues are handled in communism to my understanding. The idea of communism is based on Karl Marx perceptions. I personally believe that communism is very ethical and humanitarian. In fact, to me communism seems much more ethical than Capitalism. Since, we know that there is no perfect system that everybody agrees upon comparison could give us a better picture. In contrast with Capitalism and many other political systems Communism promotes a society without classes. Equality is another aspect of communism that deserves attention. People are given almost the same wage. Of course, one might disagree that there are people who do not have willing to work as much as others or there are people who work hard and deserve more. Communism restricts individuals from owning private properties and a simple justification for this is the importance of common good.  Development of society or interest of many overcomes individual interest.

However, I have experienced that communism is not as pleasing as it sounds above when we practice in real life. My country, Uzbekistan, was occupied and was part of a communist country over 70 years. The authorities used ideas of communism as a tool of achieving their goals faster. Corruption and bribery became common. The state putting price on good gave a push to black market. People became obsessed with stealing states property. Yes, education and healthcare were free but not satisfactory. Overall, my hopes of communism never reached the expectations.

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