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United Nations…Success or Failure???


United Nations…Success or Failure???

THESIS STATEMENT:- Although many people believe in the success of the United Nations, many others believe that it is nothing more than just a failure.

Supporting Points:-

  1. Inability and unwillingness to enforce its resolutions

  2. Relief to nations hit by famine and other big problems

Points covered by each panelist:-

  1. Bias in distributing funds from powerful members

  2. Lack of clear motive

  3. Success in helping politically unstable countries

  4. Finding solutions to broken down relationships between countries

  5. Failure to successfully deliver food to starving people in Somalia; the food was instead usually seized by local warlords

Questions to be addressed:-

  1. What led the UN to forgo their roles in today’s world?

  2. Please share with any scenarios showing why UN is neglecting its roles?

  3. Give an example of a broken down relationship and what successful solution the UN used?

  4. Which country was politically unstable and how did the UN intervene?

Possible References

Criticism of the United Nations. Retrieved June 6, 2013 from‎

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