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United Nations

This week I have learnt more about the structure, organization, assembly of the united nation. It was not really a new term for me because I always read the news, watch on the TV about their activities in helping many countries all over the world, if there were any problem that occurred.

To begin with, the united nation is a form of an international organization that was established in 1945 and it consists of 194 members of different nations. It’s the largest and foremost international organization. It’s also a very powerful and commanding of nation units. This organization in charge of many association like international law, promoting peace, human right,  security, economic development and so on. UN headquarter are located in New York. They use some of the common languages like Arabic, English, Chinese, Spanish, French and Russian. One of the most important purposes in the UN is to promote peace to all over the world and help some of the countries into ward advancement.

The United nation has six principles which are general assembly, economic  council, security council , social council,  the international court of justice , the UN trusteeship, it also consist of other  council like WTO( world trade organization).

There were very interesting activities, related to UN. Selecting different students from various backgrounds and ask them, what the activities that UN has done to their countries. After, hearing from my classmates I realized how universal and unite in all over the world. Personally, I turn back to think what does UN helped my country Yemen.

I really aspire to be a one member of the UN. If I would become one member or president, first thing I would do it, is to promote peaces all over the world. Secondly, cooperation for better economic growth and quality of education, health, trade and so forth.

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