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Torture and other current issues

Once again Dr. Fausiy continued lecturing about contemporary issues that are relevant to our current situation.

The first issue we have discussed is torture. There is no question about torture being ethical or no. I believe that torturing anyone without valid reason is unethical. But deciding what is valid or invalid reason for torturing a person is a dilemma which involves ethics.

The second issue of the class was humanitarian intervention. Humanitarian intervention is usually intervention by another government or organization in the times of incidents such and natural disasters, poverty or human rights abuse. Human intervention seems to be a very righteous and humanitarian activity, yet there are occasion when such a noble act is misused to achieve political, geopolitical and financial purposes. For example, some of the nations use humanitarian intervention to penetrate sense of inferiority in the minds of those who are receiving the help. Another example is to intervene in the political affairs between countries which is the most concerning in the present time.

Some powerful counties might use human rights as a tool to achieve their political goals. We have number of examples from the events happening in the present time. In a simple analogy, if we take the example of the USA and Iraq conflict, the USA could have interfered the affairs of North Korea if it was only about human rights, nuclear weaponry or dictatorship. Apparently, the USA had other financial and political purposes as well. Of course, there are many other issues related with the given example, but I gave a simple example to display that human intervention is ethical and it is unethical to misuse it.

Third issue was corruption. I don’t find it necessary to comment on corruption that much because, it is one of the sicknesses humanity is fighting against and yet have succeeded. It is against human values and destroys lives of ordinary people and societies.

The next issue was divorce. In my point of view there are conditions when divorce is justified. But what is unethical about divorce are separation due to simple matters, without deep thought, ignoring the sanctity of family and also ignoring the needs of children. I think above mentioned aspects should be discussed first and foremost. I think the high rate of divorce is the indicator of illness in the society. Involvement of elderly respected people of the society and parents are the keys to eliminate the high rates of divorce.

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