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Time is an asset of life

Time is an asset of life. In this week a very shameful event happened in the class. Our lecturer came at the right time and found only 11 students out of 120 in the class on time. As a result of being late many students got Demerit as it is the rule of the university. However, there was a very interesting class on UN for about an hour and then we had a speech from outsiders.

First of all our lecturer provided an analysis of the differentiation on UN and other organization. As an example, United Nations and League of Nations differences were shared by the students and the lecturer. Major differences are joining of all independent nation in UN whereas LN was only limited to some of the countries only. Moreover, UN has its military to resolve conflicts, but LN did not have any militia.

The great lesson that I had on this day was about universal human right. I really like the right that UN has declared and admire UN role on this kind of work.  From my point of view the United Nations has done great successful jobs to reach its goals. For instance, the Afghan war. Iraq war, the Kashmir conflict, Myanmar conflict and so on.  Recently, the upraising conflict of North Korea and South Korea has also been taken care under UN’s attention.

Every organization has its positive and negative sides and UN as well. Although UN could do better in many cases that it could not, still the role that it is playing for peace is really admirable.

In the third session, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, currently working as the Chairman of Cordoba Initiative and The board of Trustees, Islamic Center of New York and formerly was the Imam of Masjid Al-Farah, delivered an inspiring and motivational speech on spirituality of Islam. The whole session was very interesting and we did not feel bored for even for a minute. In his speech he said, “We grow, our body grow, ambitions, interest may change. But the only thing it does not change (if only) is the nature of seeking truth by soul.” He also emphasized, “Human being has been crated as an image of God.” So human should do something every time that reflects the image of God and His divine commands through every step.

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