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Therefore, I believe that it should be banned in everywhere

On this lecture, Dr. Ahmed Fouzy taught us contemporary ethical issues like, cloning, surrogacy, suicide, abortion, and euthanasia. At this day it was my first time to hear some of the words like Surrogacy and so called mercy killing (Euthanasia). Though, the lecturer discussed all of these issues I will focus on this paper Euthanasia.

To start with the definition of Euthanasia, it is deliberately putting an end to someone’s life in order to spare the individual’s suffering (Mercy killing). The definition and the word itself was something new to the most of the students. Therefore, this opens a room for discussion about the morality of killing a person intentionally whether he/she ordered to so or not. During that discussion the lecturer questioned us whether euthanasia is ethical or not?. My answer is NO, for many reasons. We have to bear in mind that god created us and know what we need here on earth. So that we cannot do whatever to our bodies since we are belonged to God. One of the reasons of practicing euthanasia is that it relieves the extreme pain of patients who are suffering bad or incurable diseases. For me, that is not a reasonable; in this word today medical technology is so advanced that an incurably ill patient can be kept alive for moths and even years. At the same time, suffering has its benefits; one may undergo temporal punishment here on earth through suffering. It also devalues human life.

Euthanasia is categorized in three types during the lecture, voluntary euthanasia which is legal in some countries including U.S, involuntary euthanasia, which is considered as murder and non-voluntary euthanasia which is illegal in all over the world. Personally speaking, euthanasia is immoral no matter what type it is. Nonetheless, the wonder is why some countries legalities types of euthanasia.  Sensibly, this due to health care cost containment of the people and the whole country which is legalizing it and that is not something acceptable for human. The fact is that euthanasia can undermine our trust in medical doctors, those who are elderly and sick cannot be confident that their doctors will treat rather than terminating them.

Relating to my experience it was my first time to encounter such word in my life, therefore, it was a new lesson for me. I see that euthanasia is a concept which goes against my religion which is letting people to die by someone else.  Therefore, I believe that it should be banned in everywhere.

Euthanasia is defined “good death” but in reality it is “bad death”!!!

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