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There are many problem that happen around the world

There are many issues that happen all around the world such as war, lack sanitation, international migrant and so on. In this today’s world, we are face with so many big problems which we do not know how to solve the problem, and which one should we give the priority to solve it. The information that we got from the video, about 800 million people are suffer of starving around the world, one billion people lack of clean water, two billion lack sanitation, two million dying from AIDs each year, 175 million international migrant, 940 million illiterate adults and several billion people will be affected by global warming. This video shows us so many problems in the world that we need to solve.

There are many parties that involves in this problem such as government, politician, NGOs and the victim itself. I think the causes of this problems happened come from human being itself. For example, in agriculture activities, we are tending to use the chemical substances like pesticide or fertilizer to kill the insect and to grow the plant. But, in the same time, we do not care or think what the effect from the usage of chemical substance to environment. When the chemical substances pollute the environment, it means it also will affect the human being because we are living in the environment and we are using the natural resources to live. So, the government, politicians and NGOs should play their role in order to make sure that their people live in harmony, no pollution and so on.

According to the video that they showed in the class, there were ten problems that we need to choose which one of the problems we should give priority to solve it.  I think the first problem that we need to solve is conflict. Why do I say so? This is my first opinion because I think nowadays so many wars occurred around the world. And my second priority of problem that we should solve first is climate changes. This is due to pollution around the world because it will destroy our home.

But if I think carefully, I think all this problem cannot be solve because I think in our action, attitude or behavior it involved ethical values. Each of these problems has its own ethical values. If people unable to follow the ethical values, there are many problems will occur. We can keep asking who are should take the responsibility to all these problems but I believe the problem is not who are should taking the responsibility; we actually should ask why all this kind of problem occurred? Then, we can find the solution to solve all these problems.

In the class, there were student who are said that government and corruption should be the first priority and I agreed with that. This is because; government should have ethical attitude to avoid this entire problem. It is not only for government but it is also about all people around the world. We have our own responsibility towards those problems.

Week 6

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