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The rumor of United Nations

The lecture in this week was a continuing to what was delivered in the first week which is United Nation. However, this one was more detailed. One of what I got from this lecture was that, getting to know something through reading only without looking at it in real life or even experiences it, is a common mistake that a lot of people fall into, and this goes to United Nation. The lecture that was given by the lecturer, Dr. Ahmed Faosuy about the UN and its aim and members, it draws in the mind that UN is the hero that all people are waiting for its help.

As some say, politics and politicians are something to do with lie, though I have something about the statement, UN follows this motion. Everyone become a believer of the lie of the spreading the peace around the world and from the super power countries. What is happening in Syria and what had happened in Iraq and the examples are many, are the proofs of what I have just mentioned. Another thing that shocked me and let ponder for moments is that, when Dr. Ahmed mentioned that, the financial supporter for this organization is America.

This point rearranged a lot of things in my mind. I asked myself how can this organization become an objective and don’t be bias to super power countries if it’s supplied by America?! Do you think if America is told not to do something that goes with its advantage, they won’t do it? The answer is definitely, no and that because it’s the supporter and a lot of such questions I have found for them appropriate answers.

I realized why America did what it did to Iraq and no one said anything and before it to Afghanistan, the UN president and its members were just calling for meeting and going back and forth. One question of mine was raised out of curiosity “then why UN is doing something deserves appreciation in some countries while some are neglected?” the answer shouted in my mind it’s because of its advantages.

In my conclusion for this week diary, I would be neutral if I’m the president of United Nation and those who disobey the rules should face a type of punishment. Unfortunately, the peace which is a basic right of ours someday will be sold. Time has come to put my pen down to see you in the next week.

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