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The negative effect of media on teenager is very dangerous

First of all, in panel discussion, we have chosen “the negative effect of media” as our topic. Before that our group was the last group who chosen the topic and submit to the lecturer because of each member in our group we had so many topic to choose but finally, we all have agree that to take this topic for our panel discussion. The reason why we choose and focus more on the negative side of the media. The reason is because we believe that the people who are the main process of creating the media it’s really influence the customer to use the media much in the negative way.

Yes I am satisfied with the topic chosen in my panel discussion, because I think this is good topic to be discussed on during the panel. Nowadays media is influencing all over the society. The positive and negative effects of media are so important that it can direct the society in different ways. For the panel discussion, we choose Asaad Maher as moderator, because he wanted to be moderator and also he is good about moderating discussion, besides he proposed this topic and divided the tasks of other four panelists. The other four panelist focus on different tasks, first, effect on teenager, second on relationship, third on advertisement, then on culture.

The presentation of panel discussion was good. The panel discussion started by the moderator, he gave a brief introduction about effect of media and gave his own experience. He introduced the four panelists and started asking questions to panelists. It was interactive and enjoyable for us. We gave our opinion freely.

Our strength of panel discussion was elaborating on real experiences rather than collected secondary information. Most of us had personal encounters with negative effects of media in our own societies. So we could explain more on what is happening with us and how it can be solved. So our discussion was effective and based on true events. We may make it better in future by more statistical example.

As there was no spectators, so there was no question and answer session. Only our lecturer ask some question. He asked, is media the bad thing for the people and what the actual media is then? At that time, I answered that, media has both positive and negative effects. It depends on how people using, which way they prefer.  However, if I say from my opinion, media is like a white piece of cloth, there is no mark there, but it become a beautiful paining or a dirty cloth when people add the good or bad thing or information on that media.

Advertising is a process of persuading a mass audience though the mass media to buy or motivate towards a product. Advertisement is one of the most powerful tool of business operations. From the beginning of trade era, advertisement is being used to spread out the name and fame. Advertisement can be written, printed, televised, web-based etc. The main purpose of advertisement is to show the product to the world. Advertisement’s first target is on consumer’s emotion. Advertisement creates the need of a product through appealing acts, use of celebrities etc. Thus advertisement creates artificial necessity among people. When advertisement play with customer’s psychology in these ways, it also affects the physiology, decreasing heart rate, increased eye movement. All these together inspire the customer towards the product. Therefore, people become more materialistic and pursue for materialistic pleasure, forgetting the spiritual happiness and simple lifestyle. Moreover, inappropriate advertisements distracts children from study and motivates towards evil doings, creates social unrest and stereotyping issues. So advertising has many potential negative effects.

I think media have been invented which will create new possibilities for advertising. It is doubtful that the ‘Information Superhighway’ will be free of advertising which is a perfect vehicle to reach millions of people around the world. In the end, even it is hard to admit, without advertising we might not have marvelous opportunity to see many unforgettable moments in our lives. So to say, we need to be cautious and appropriate to use the advertisement media for our own benefit.

The negative effect of media on teenager is very dangerous. Basically the biggest effect is on young and teens. They want to follow their favorite actors, actresses and wear same dress, same hairstyle even same life style. So they get distracted easily from their goals and end up with a measurable life. Negative effect of advertisement, show off the product and make people fall for an unnecessary product. Also people get fooled sometimes by fraud advertisement and face money loss and harassment. Besides, media effects the relationship, destroy the family bonds, and make them follow the trends. That is why making and breaking relationship is easy now, like boyfriend-girlfriend. Also misunderstanding happens because of Facebook or social networking among the relatives. Furthermore, media affects the religion and culture of a society. Media make people forget their local language and learn foreign language. Also local language get worse by newly introduced vulgar and improper language pattern, so it become permanent, and next generation will follow this, ultimately there is no more original language. Also media create separation in a religious faith, group and bring twisted ideas in religious believe. So we can say the negative effects of media is so important to stop, otherwise the whole society and nation will be in a complete disorder.

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