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The Great War

Lecture class today was simply amazing. Transition towards new technology for war was speechless deeds. In some ways, the war did bring new era for the people and whole new vision and mission for the mankind. The development took place gradually after this Great War. Despite the fact that 9million people lost their life in this great destruction, people also gain more knowledge, skill, information, inventions, modernization and growth in development. Many industries took place. Government became more concerned towards developing their country’s wealth and nation’s need and also they started building up industries for making new technologies for protection of their nation. It helped the people to get job opportunities and women also got same opportunity in that era. The growth of feminism took place. People started giving attention to women’s right and progressively women became one of the important factors in the society.

Other than this, industrialization also helped in improving people’s skill towards manufacturing new products and goods. In general, people learned to make new things and new era of life started for everyone during that period.

However, there are more than several negative issues arose by this Great War in the universe. Loss of lives, properties and pollutions. Furthermore, people who suffered from chemical gases and got shots from bullets and bombs were disabled for rest of their lives. This destruction caused to humankind was unrecoverable. No one can bring back the life and loss of those properties during the war.

People can have fight through other sources where they sit and talk and argue and put their views forward like adults. We cannot expect the same positive changes that took place some centuries ago after World War I by creating World War III.

There is no exact solution for achieving permanent peace in earth. However, we can try to minimize such problems and rich countries must help poor countries in reducing such problems.

We may not be able to create the world without wars because people have become very advance in thinking and all the people in world seek for their freedom and rights. So avoiding war is not possible at once. It might take long time to reach that stage but we can start by resolving minor issues like civil wars so that it will not turn out to be world war again.

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