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The Arab Spring: an evolution or a revolution

In this week we discussed about Arab Spring. Whenever I hear issues being discussed related to Arab Spring I wonder whether it is an event considered as an evolution or a revolution! I know about some dictators who might be considered as the guilty ones for causing abrasion among people. I also know that there have been kinds of ‘bottom-up’ movements whereby people have raised their voices and told that they do know about the corruption being done my some dictators in Arab countries.

I feel so blur when I think of the first wave which actually became so scandalous when an unemployed man set himself to fire after being so exasperated by the rising scale of unemployment. This incident happened during December of 2010. The reason why I said that I feel blur is because I think of countless unemployed people suffering all around the world, and it is very difficult to see any movement of someone raising his voice to show his irritating stand toward the ones who govern that particular country. And in this case of the first wave of Arab revolution, we have the instance of a man who was actually sick of the conditions of rising scale of unemployment in Arabia.

When it comes to the violent incident between Christians and Muslims which happened in Egypt, I know that it was provoked by the leader of Egypt who after that had to step down from his post. Not only that, but the episodes of violent incidents continued in Yemen, Libya and Syria. All these happenings have made the Arab World become part of a directionless state, and have given people a bad impression of it.

I personally remember that during that time I could see news everywhere interpreting what was happening in those places. Honestly speaking, I was thinking of those people as very aggressive, and I was wondering whether they could be able to solve the issue in peace or not.

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