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Technology have played a vital role in this war

Today’s lecture was about the World War 1, we watched a documentary about it and I liked it. I liked it because the film was in black and white. The conflict of the World War 1 have started with some terrorist acts in the Baltic sea made Germany feel unsafe and started preparing for war. Then there was a war between Russia and Germany.

After that, the World War 1 began it was expected to be short and a 19 century style war .Germany did not declare war, but Britain and France were feeling insecure having the German navy nearby, so they made a war. I have observed from the video that French people made the film, because it was mostly focusing on the French prospective of the war.

For a short while, the Germans had the Upper hand, but then the French have called for reinforcements and brought solders from the colonies. Eventually, technology have played a vital role in this war, both sides have invented their own tanks and plane fighters. Moreover, the Turks (Ottoman Empire) were involved in the war as well. During the war, women got more empowered and started demanding for their rights.

As conclusion, the video about the World War 1 made the class very interesting and attracted everyone’s attention. I wish we have more video to watch based on the Current Affairs subject.

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