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Surrogacy must be made legal!

A surrogate mother is a woman who usually becomes pregnant by an artificial fertilization or surgical implantation of a fertilized egg for the purpose of carrying the fetus to term for the biological mother. The surrogate mother carries and gives birth to the baby of the infantile couple. She is normally been paid as a surrogate mother. The infantile couple will have a legal contract therefore there will be agreement with both parties.  Surrogate mothers they normally do this to help the infantile couple to give them their own baby and make them feel the real parental ship in this world. Surrogate mothers are not ethical in some countries however in some countries like India, they are common.The issue of surrogate mother came into consideration on the 1980s. There are many of the people arguing that the surrogate mother should be legal. However, if surrogate mother is legal then there will be harms that will occur and it already has ethical issues such as; Surrogacy is a Form of Alienated Labor, it turns Babies into Commodities, and also it is like Prostitution.

A group of people argue that, there are many people working and they are still not heartily attached to the ‘product’ of their work or the work process for that matter. So what is the problem with alienated labor? The only difference in the surrogacy is that they are taking the commitment to be reproductive labor. These women do it to earn a living and also to help infantile parent to have child. For these reason it should be legal. They also consider that some people think that reproduction is something that belongs to the mother who is personally attached with the emotions of the baby.

However, I don’t agree with the above arguments because, the surrogate mother carry the baby in the reproductive organs and the wealthy people take the advantages of these poor people. These wealthy people buy the poor for a few months just for their advantages. They never think about the unfortunate’s life. The surrogate mother carries the child and gains all the pain while the couple doesn’t undertake any troubles. This job is mainly done because the women wanting for a positive outlooks on buying a home, educating their children, or paying off debt. Since, they have no choice. There are many other ways in life that they can earn. However most of the time they are been brainwashed by showing loads of dreams or blackmailed. This is an alienated labor which plays with the poor people’s lives in order to get the pleasure for the rich and wealthy people.

The following argument about was that the child will not have a connection with the surrogate mother although she gives birth to the child. According to these people they believe is the child these children’s are not supplies. According to Appling, children are not commodities. They are not trading chips. They have the soul that is been gifted to them, talents to show how special they are and they need to be special. This is just a service that is done by the surrogate mother to make an infantile parent happy. Moreover according to Derp he says if sperm donation is legal and countries have a negatively regulated sperm donation and there are shortage and people in waiting list. In addition to this people travel to get it. If that is not commodities then surrogacy does not produce babies as commodities.

I strongly disagree with the about argument because this is a service done by them as a business not as a help. Surrogate mothers have been paid for the child and the surrogate mother is the physical labor. For example it has been legal in 2002; paid surrogacy has become a $2.3 billion yearly industry in India. The woman carries the foreign couple’s babies and the make around $8000 as their income. Therefore in this case the parent had paid the surrogate mother to give birth to a child. Then the baby has been exchange of money. Therefore this shows that the parents demand for the baby and the baby has been supplied by the surrogate mother as a result this shows that the baby has been used as a commodity product.

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