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Surrogacy is legal?

In this week, week 9, we discussed about Contemporary ethical issues like Abortion, Suicide, Surrogate motherhood, and lastly, cloning by Dr. Faoisy.  Here, I would like to reflect on Surrogacy. Surrogacy is when another woman carries and gives birth to a baby for the infertile couple. There are three types: genetic surrogacy or partial surrogacy, total surrogacy, and gustatory surrogacy and types of arrangement are altruistic surrogacy, and commercial surrogacy. Here, we need to think it is ethical or not. Different people have different ideas and perception. In my opinion, it is ethical since the real mother cannot be pregnant and it is better than to adopt unknown child.

Surrogacy is legal in some countries like America and Denmark but some countries don’t like Austria, China and so on. As I mention earlier, surrogacy is ethical for me. There a lot of situation why couple do surrogacy. In genetic surrogacy, male donates sperms to surrogate mother because real mother may be unproductive because of problems with her ovaries, or uterus. Therefore, she cannot have child of her own with her partner or spouse. So, her partner will donate his sperm to the surrogate mother. In my opinion it is better than adopting unknown child since child form surrogate mother had at least half their parents’ blood and adopted child has 0%.

There are two types of arrangement as I mentioned earlier, commercial surrogacy become more popular in these days. Commercial surrogacy is the process where couple pays a fee to a woman in exchange for her carrying and delivering a baby. At birth, the child is turned over to the couple. There are two ways here like either privately or through a legal adoption process. Mostly, only rich people can do it since the fees for surrogacy is expansive. In America, many surrogate mothers get tens of thousands of dollars for carrying a baby. Besides, the couple has to pay for the surrogate mother’s medical expenses and deliver her with other, non-monetary compensation. For instance, surrogate is paid for transportation and food. However, in India, the cost of a surrogate mother is less than U.S. some countries against commercial surrogacy because they said that paying for surrogate mother is a kind of renting or buying human body and so, it is unethical. However, for me, it is benefits for both sides. It gave surrogate mother money and it also gives child to people who cannot get child by themselves. Altruistic surrogacy is difference from commercial surrogacy. Surrogate accepts no financial reward for her pregnancy.

Lastly, everything cases have not only positive but also negative. There might be Traditional Family-Linked Concerns, Effects on our Self-Respect as Persons, Effects on the Child, Untoward Motives, and Effects on the Surrogate and so on. Therefore, it is a little bit difficult to say that ethical or not. for me, it helps people on different angle. So, I think it is ethical.

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